Our Company dates back to 1955, when Mr. Gabriel Lewis Galindo and two of his uncles, built the first corrugated box plant in Panama City, Panama; Envases Industriales

After Envases Industriales, Mr. Lewis developed the first corrugated box used for exporting Bananas from Central America. This venture allowed us to establish several new box manufacturing facilities throughout banana-producing countries in the region. As part of this expansion phase, ENVACO, our first corrugated box plant in Costa Rica was built in 1957, in partnership with the Esquivel family, ultimately resulting in the establishment of four corrugated box plants in Costa Rica.

With several box plants In the region, the group was able to serve the needs of the major banana growing and distributing companies.

Eventually, the original partnership was dissolved and the partners distributed the assets with the Esquivel and Lewis families retaining ownership of the assets in Costa Rica. In 1996 the Lewis and Esquivel families, together with the Perello family as a local partner, built Cartones del Caribe, our first box plant in the Dominican Republic. Today, the group owns three corrugated box plants in the Dominican Republic, four corrugated box plants in Costa Rica, one corrugated box plant in Panama, one corrugated box plant in Honduras, and in 2016 the group acquired Cartonesa, an independent corrugated box plant in El Salvador.


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